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Publisher's description

Ucancam is a professional CAD and CAM drawing solution. It supports point snapping、dynamic navigation and point aligning, you can import vector files such as DXF, EOS, PLT, AI and bitmap format files like JPG, BMP, TIF and PNG. You can convert into grayscale image, make threshold, brightness and contrast adjustment.

What's new in version 10.2

1. Python script support to develop ucacnam.you can use Python to create your application.
2. Set the background color of window
3. In 3 points circle creation
4. The toolpath is associated with the drawing.
5. Modified the toolpath name
1). toolpath attribute dialog in design central.
2). toolpath export dialog.
6. Added the button "copy","cut", "paste" in text popup menu.
7. Added the oscillation option in profile toolpath--adding oscillation in the Z axis along your contour toolpaths, uses more of the cutting length of the tool, and can reduce tool wear in that axis. This is especially useful when cutting thinner materials or laminated materials such as kitchen counter tops..
8. The toolpath regeneration.
9. Added drill and tape ball.
10. The display video system: make it faster, and eliminates flicker
11. "Replace" command in text edit,when there are selections, replace text in selection;
if no selection ,replace text for all.
12. Auto Nesting: when the part can not be put in the sheet, the part will be not moved to avoid the contact with other part.
1. Lead in\lead out error in profile toolpath
2. Spline error in DXF importing

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    Guest 8 months ago

    I have the program Ucancam V9 and the dongle SN: M14-4-0190. I installed the dongle on my laptop with Windows 7 with no problem. When I tried to install the dongle on my desktop PC (where I am working more often), the dongle cannot be installed. Could you help me please?